Am I Too Old to Change Careers?

A recent conversation with a Job seeker left me a little down. The Job seekers was in her mid 50s and feeling like it was all over. She wasn't inspired by her job anymore and felt like every day was much like any other. In short she felt she was walking on a treadmill - not going anywhere. She had conditioned herself - or perhaps - she was conditioned to think this way and to accept that once you got to a certain age there is nothing new.

I disagree with this way of thinking. The job seeker was in fact in an amazing position and stage in her life. Financially she was relatively okay - had no dependents at home, a supportive spouse and most of all - phenomenal experience and skills. She had deep seated dreams and aspirations but just lacked a cohesive plan to put all the parts together. Obviously there is a lot of mindset training to be done to make her see the potential that life still has to offer but what she has to bring to another employer - perhaps in a field she loves or dreamed of working in - is almost immeasurable.

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