Go Beyond List Based Resume

We’ve become accustomed to lists. Top 10 lists; Grocery lists; To do lists……. Perhaps its because we boil our daily lives down to a series of lists that we summarize all we have done and accomplished in the same way. Resumes for the most part are lists of where we have been and titles we have held. We can usually get a lot of information from this but what we don’t get is the person behind the bullet points. I am not suggesting overly personalizing your resume. While it may be an interesting conversation point I don’t at this point really want to know what your favourite genre of movie is; I do think that allowing the reader to peek behind the curtains to see what kind of employee you truly are will create a connection and synergy that will serve your candidacy well.

How do you do this? Don’t just list the position you held at ABC Company - tell us too why you were amazing in that position. What value did YOU bring to that organization? Be as empirical as possible. If you did not have a position that allowed you to save the company thousands of dollars or land new contracts, how did you shine in your particular role? What did you bring to the table that was uniquely you that served your previous employer well.

We may still need to read a list of where you have been but add a little something to this. Tell us where you have been and how where you were is now a better place because of you. This is what recruiters want to see……

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