3 Tips to Ramp Up Your Job Application

Want to ramp up your job application? Here's three simple things you can do right now to make sure your application stands out.

Use Job Description to Your Advantage

Job Descriptions do more than tell you the qualifications the hiring company is looking for. They tell you what they want to see in your resume and application! Think about it for a second. The company is telling you who the ideal candidate (from a qualitative perspective) is. Do you have the exact skills being sought? Do you have some of them? Ensure your resume highlights those. Focus on your experience in those functional areas. Use the same language and terminology you find in the job ad. The very language used in a job ad may also point to the corporate culture. If the language is casual and has a friendly tone and your resume is replete with technical jargon and serious statements about your experience there will be a disconnect.

Show Your Value

Following from an earlier blog post about going beyond listing where you have worked, showing what you uniquely bring and the value you will have and how you can make the organization more successful as an employee shows the recruiter that you have something special to offer. Remember that they will have potentially received dozens of applications all pretty much saying the same thing in the same way. Really focusing on why you will be amazing in this role will make your application stand out.

Convey Passion

Job applications are inherently boring with little in the way of creative flair. We have been conditioned to detailing where we worked and what we did, where we went to school and what our hobbies and interests are. Too many times I have seen applications and interviewed candidates and ask them straight out why they are applying and why they want to THIS job. Too frequently the response is lacklustre. Sometimes the response comes back as “I just need a job”! Does not lead me or any recruiter to believe that the candidate will bring any sense of zeal to the job. It does not matter what job you are applying for; what level the position is; show passion about doing it. Show the passion you have for the industry, sector or job classification. Recruiters want to feel that you WANT this job and that all of your preparation previous to applying has been to land the exact job they are hiring for.

Matching your application in tone and content to the job ad and corporate culture, showing what you specifically can bring to the role and exuding real passion for the job will make you shine as an applicant. There will most likely be a large number of other applicants for the job and you need to show it is YOUR job to have.

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