Don't Quit !

Don’t Quit

100 interviews in 8 months?!! That’s what Brittney Oliver put herself through while attempting to land a job in her chosen field of Public Relations. This is a great article you need to read if you're on the hunt for your dream job. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the things she learned.

Don’t Give Up On Finding The Perfect Fit.

We often hear companies say they hire for fit - sometimes above and beyond qualifications in the belief that most people can be taught to do most jobs

and what matters most is whether or not the candidate can fit the corporate value system. Oliver suggests not taking the first job out of desperation but turn the tables a little and choose a company that fits YOUR value system. Your ultimate job satisfaction will come from how you feel the company mirrors who you are and your set of beliefs and values.

Avoid The Job Board Black Hole By Doing Your Research.

I love this one as I talk to candidates about it a lot. As you have probably seen a lot of companies use online application processes. What truly happens to your application (hint - can’t tell you yet but I’ll reveal what often happens in an upcoming Recruiter Insider Secrets!) after you hit send? Oliver suggest in addition to online applications, make contact from within the company (ostensibly one you want to work for) and network from within. Don’t overlook the human aspect of your search.

Be Open

While not advocating taking any old job, Oliver puts forward the idea that considering opportunities outside of your field may lead to interesting paths and in a circuitous manner lead you to the job you truly want. You never know where something is going to take you.

A great quick read. Not sure how she maintained her sanity after this many interviews but the 100 interactions Oliver had with potential employers speak to the process we have all been in. Her story tells us we are not alone and not giving up will eventually get you to where you want to be.

You can read Brittney Oliver’s full article on the Fast Company website at

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