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Habits of Successful Job Seekers

Landing a great job takes effort. Landing any job for that matter takes effort. Some job seekers go with the flow, randomly handing out or emailing resumes hoping the phone will ring. I can almost guarantee they end up in a job they don’t like.

Having worked with hundreds of job seekers I’ve come to recognize what makes the successful ones (and by successful I mean those who land they job they actually want) come out on top.

They treat the job hunt like a job. They stick to a schedule. They get up in the morning and bang - they are in job hunt mode. They dress like they are going to work. They make their calls and work their network. They call on recruiters and send follow up emails to resumes they've sent online or make thank you phone calls to managers they recently interviewed with.

They keep their resume current and up to date. Too often I see resumes where the applicant hasn't listed the job they've been in for the past several years. Some even forget to put their current address at the top. Successful job hunters look at their resume as their one chance marketing piece designed to get them in for an interview.

They employ all of their resources. They call friends and family who may have leads for them. They market themselves through social media. They join Linkedin and make connections.

Most importantly, they treat themselves like a start-up business. They are selling a product they believes the everyone needs and wants. They market themselves. They suit up and get up. They hit the ground running. Their enthusiasm is obvious (even during times when things aren’t looking so great and rejection is all too common).

You’re a new job seeker? Think like an entrepreneur starting a business. Market yourself. Build and work your network. Tell AND show the world - or at least one company - why you are the product and brand they want to associate themselves with.

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