Staying Current

Stay Current

Having a secure job - perhaps one that will carry on to retirement is a goal for many. It can be a great spot to be in. Security, maybe benefits, pension plan…. But what happens if all of a sudden it is taken away. Companies close. They move overseas. They are bought out and the new owner launches a cost savings plan that results in job cuts. We’ve all seen it and many of us all know someone this has happened to. As a recruiter I see this a lot and the effects of having what was once a secure life suddenly taken away. For those who have worked for the same employer for years this can be devastating. Some people literally do not know what to do or where to turn.

For many younger job seekers, especially those who are successful in their job hunt about to launch themselves into a new career I always advise them to stay current. We can not assume that a job is for life anymore. Times are changing. Many do not want a job for life and are happy to move around from employer to employer. But for those seeking the stability and security however of employment for life with one company I would caution to always keep an eye on the outside. By this I mean keep up to date with trends and technology. Take courses. Learn or add new skill sets to your arsenal. Perhaps start a small side business. Expect the best from your current employment but always think about the ‘What If?’ Ask yourselves what would you do if you did indeed lose your job today. How competitive would you be in the current job market? Is your resume ready to launch you into the job hunt? Does it allow you to stand out? When was the last time you were able to add anything new to it? Having a job is amazing. Losing one is not. Take a few minutes and ask yourself if you’d be truly ready tomorrow to start job hunting again. If the answer is anything less than a definite Yes! what can you do to be better prepared?


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