Lisa Bakker
VP Operations


Lisa possesses years of progressive recruitment and HR experience. She makes sure we all stay on top of our game at KP where she is responsible for Client Relationship Management and Operations. You can email Lisa at 

Your Kensington Park Senior Management Team

John Parsons
Founder & President

I founded KP to help people reach their professional goals and to allow clients to focus on what they do best while we take care of their employee requirements. I measure success by how many of our employees transition to permanent employment and move on to the next level in their lives. I am incredibly lucky work with a team of passionate professionals who daily bring their best to the table. They truly are the most talented team in the industry. You can email me at

Jen Hurtubise
Recruitment Manager

Jen is most likely the first person to greet you when you walk into our office. She takes great care of our job seekers and clients by matching employees up with the various companies we work with. She's often busy overseeing our fantastic recruitment team and giving onboarding training. You can email Jen at

Are you interested in joining the KP Team? We're always interested in talking to people who love serving others and who are committed to helping people reach their goals. We are currently looking for sales professionals passionate about helping us to expand the KP brand throughout Ontario and Canada and someone to take on the role of part time Social Media manager. Please send an email in full confidence indicating your interest to